Bali Weather
Bali is a great place to visit all year round, so the best time to visit Bali really comes down to your own personal preferences.

There are a number of factors that may influence your decision depending on the kind of holiday you want to have, where you will visit and the kinds of things you want to do while you're there, the best time to visit Bali will differ for everyone.

There are really only two weather seasons in Bali, the Wet and the Dry. Although they have different characteristics, the temperature doesn’t differ very much. The average annual temperature of Bali is around 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit).

The Wet - October - March. High humidity - most rain recorded between December - February

The Dry - April – September. September has the lowest humidity. June - August there is usually a very refreshing cool breeze all day long. January is normally the wettest and hottest month in Bali.

Surf Season on Bali ‘s West coast runs from May to September.

Bali Food

Prices, style, food presentation, decoration and service you will experience in Bali vary from restaurant to restaurant and range from very basic to luxurious and from extremely cheap to expensive.

Inexpensive Restaurant - 2.24 A$ (22,500.00 Rp)

Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 26.42 A$ (265,000.00 Rp)

McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 4.99 A$ (50,000.00 Rp)

Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 1.99 A$ (20,000.00 Rp) Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 3.24 A$ (32,500.00 Rp)

Cappuccino (regular) 2.56 A$ (25,646.97 Rp) Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 0.71 A$ (7,111.74 Rp)

Water (0.33 liter bottle) 0.42 A$ (4,166.67 Rp)

Rice is almost always consumed as a staple accompanied with vegetables, meat and seafood. Pork, chicken, fruit, vegetables and seafood are widely utilised, however because of the large number of Hindus in Bali, beef is never or rarely consumed.

Night markets, warungs (food stands), and fruit vendors sell local delicacies. Festivals include ornately prepared foods as part of the celebrations. As a popular tourist area, many western foods are also available as well as other regional ethnic cuisines.

Some things to try: Babi Guling (Suckling Pig), Balinese Kopi (Coffee), Bebek Goreng/ Bebek Betutu (Fried/Smoked Duck)

Bali Activities

Bali has all your usual tourist activities like, Swimming, Snorkelling, Scuba Diving, Banana Boat Rides, Water Ski, Parasailing, Sail Boats, ATV Quad & Buggy Tours, Catamarans, Wind Surfing, Paragliding, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Jungle Trekking, Mountain Cycling and of course Surfing!

Visit the Bali Barat National Park, Butterfly Park “Taman Kupu Kupu”, The Botanical Gardens in Ubud, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Bali Zoo - “Nature’s Education Center” is home of more than 350 animals and located in Singapadu near Ubud.

Seawalker Tour allows everyone to enjoy marine life, with minimum equipment and minimum fuss! Seawalker is a soft dive system, which means you only use our unique Seawalker helmet design without the need for a dive tank.

Waterbom Bali is easily Bali and Indonesia’s best water park. It has a complete range of waterslides and lush tropical garden grounds. Waterbom Bali provides plenty of thrills, from the Climax ‘super-loop’ body slide, Superbowl, Boomerang, Smashdown, Race Track, and other adrenaline-pumping slides. The leafy grounds provide ample shade, and various canteens and open-air restaurants offer international and Indonesian selections.

Legian Beach Festival is at the end of July each year. Legian Beach becomes transformed for three days into a colourful microcosm of Indonesia. Showcasing art, music and traditional culture from across the archipelago, there are lots of exhibitions, demonstrations and many weird and wonderful costumes on show.

Bali Shopping

There are two distinct types of shops in Bali. There are those with a shop front like you are accustomed to and covered street stalls known as markets.

The main Jalan Legian route is full of fashion boutiques and art shops. One good point from where to start your journey is from the intersection at Jalan Melasti. Jalan Legian is an exciting 3km-long route that is best explored on foot. The route is full of fashion boutiques and art shops.

Markets contribute to a huge amount of the total built up area in the Kuta Legian areas where it is very competitive for many Balinese business people as they are very conscious about protecting their livelihood from the competition of their near neighbours They will do everything possible to earn your business before you leave their shop and spend elsewhere. The markets mainly cater for copy sun glasses, watches, DVD’s, CD’s, jewellery, bags of all descriptions, wood carvings, candles, t/shirts, shorts, shoes, sandals, dresses and bathers just to mention a few of the offerings.

Bartering/Haggling Tips

• As soon as you mention a price the game starts.

• Ask how much the item is. Don’t make an offer.

• The seller should always open the bidding.

• Avoid eye contact during negotiations.

• When you are given an opening bid, halve it.

• Now you can pick it up and barter up or down the scale depending on your limit or desire to own it.

• If you agree on a price you should buy it.

• If you don’t come to an agreement, it’s all good practice.

Bartering can be fun and you will enjoy the experience once you get the hang of it.

Fixed Price Shopping

If you are looking for no hassle FIXED PRICE (harga pas) shopping in Legian head to either: Ketuts at Jl. Saha Dewa Gg. Sorga No 2 (Garlic Lane) – this market stall is popular and gets VERY busy. It is recommended you get there around 9am, when it opens. The main items sold here are clothing & bags with a good selection of the typical in demand market gear. It does get hot in her stalls but a welcome free bottle of water is given when you arrive. There is also a fixed price store adjacent to Ketuts which sells a few homeware products eg. cushion covers and table runners, small stone plaques, aluminium silver goods.

Miss Debbies on Sahaweda Street (Garlic Lane), Legian (opposite Ketut’s laneway) – There is a very good variety of goods here, including a fair selection of home-wares . Go to the shopfront and they will take you down a nearby lane to her compound where she has goods well displayed in an open area on tables and in rooms. Surprisingly, I have never seen Miss Debbies really busy so it’s a good location to browse at your leisure with often a cool breeze blowing through the compound to make for more comfortable shopping. A welcome bottle of free water is also given here.

“Centro” is located at the beach toward Tuban. “Matahari” located at Kuta square “Kuta square” is where you will find some very classy shops.

Bali Bars & Pubs

Legian has some of Bali’s favourite bars and pubs. From beach parties to cosy lounges, abd live music, just name it and your driver will deliver you at its front doors. Bali’s many bars, are open every night of the week. Low-key spots, with affordable drinks let you unwind and make new friends, while upscale bars and pubs attract you with delicious cocktails, imported beers, fantastic food, and world-class musical entertainment. Not keen on dressing up for the night and want to stay in your shorts and t-shirt? No worries. Bali will have a spot where you’re welcome. Want to get dressed up in your fancy gear and step out to be seen? Then you’ll feel right at home in Bali.

Legian Pub - A surfer friendly bar that specialises in deafening karaoke nights that are not for the faint hearted. There is a pool table, darts and sports on TV and a small outside terrace. The décor is highly colourful and eccentric and it is always good spot in the early evening to meet and mix with other travellers.

The Legend Bar - Glitzy and cavernous live music bar with an often rowdy atmosphere. There are lots of eccentric design features in this weird and wonderful place that attracts a mainly mature crowd of party loving tourists.

Bali Beach Shack - Is a legendary show bar offering up a wide variety of family entertainment including colourful drag acts and late night dancing. There is an irrepressible atmosphere with plenty of cheesy pop songs and party tunes from a fine resident band and it is always seemingly packed to the rafters seven days a week. There is a roast dinner buffet on Sunday.

DeJaVu - A happening beachfront dance club that throbs nightly to loud dance music and psychedelic visuals. Music policy is as eclectic as the décor with a little Latin, jazz funk and party anthems. Regular club nights attract name DJs from across Southeast Asia and only really hits the heights after midnight when the crowds show up. Small casual dress code required.

Bali Rock Cafe & Sports Bar - The venue offers a perfect combination of the favourite Australian nightlife scene with Balinese hospitality. It opens in the morning and through the late night when the crowds come to party, with an addition of an open area beer garden. Bali Rock Cafe & Sports Bar serves icy cold beer and unique frozen cocktails to go with the live sports feeds, raves, or live music, shows and other entertainment highlights.

Bali Night Clubs

Bali has long been a centre for clubbing and going out at night. Nearly half a century ago, the island was a popular stop for hippies and surfers, and its relaxed and tolerant culture has allowed a thriving party scene to grow over the decades. Its relative proximity to Australia, Japan, Singapore and the continuous stream of visitors from those countries turned Bali into a world-class destination for nightlife. Bali has no enforced opening and closing times for clubs and discos allowing them to stay open till late, with the music sometimes still playing at sunrise. Although the real parties and action happens after midnight, going out might start early, with happy hours available in many restaurants, bars, and clubs, and sunset drinks are a daily pastime.

Engine Room - A hip three-storey nightclub with a mostly young crowd on the main street of downtown Legian. The club’s doors open in the afternoon, earlier than most of the late night spots along the same strip. Partygoers can drop straight into the main dance floor from the Legian sidewalk, and it is a popular first stop on their club-hopping adventures, They have a team of resident DJs to turn up their beats with a good mix of hip hop, dub and trap.

Bounty -Bounty is legendary and the hottest nightlife spot in Legian, famous for its wet n’ wild parties – mostly attracting a young crowd of Aussies and ‘schoolies’ looking for a place to go on a late night ‘mutiny’ and get loose and get down. Also known as the ‘Bounty Ship’, this one-stop entertainment complex is complete with an expansive discotheque, restaurant and bar where you can enjoy booze with fashion shows, sexy dancers and DJs who converge to provide thrilling sights and sounds.

Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge - The 61 Legian Entertainment Complex consists of a number of standalone venues in one whole building, with the most popular spots being the signature rooftop lounge and Sky Dome. When you’ve had a great feast on the topmost floor with its great buffets, promotional free-flow beers and laidback beats, you can head down to the clubbing scene at Sky Dome and party on to its advanced laser lighting and sound system with thumping music by world-class DJs who spin everything from house, techno to trance.

101 Rooftop - The 101 Rooftop is the signature rooftop lounge of the 101 Legian, which offers hotel and outside guests a relaxing spot to dine and chill, with scheduled events on its regular agenda. Its third floor pool regularly shares and complements the scene with the ongoing gigs upstairs, especially highlighted pool parties when international DJs fill the air with their electronic beats, and stilt walkers and sexy dancers mingle with the crowds. Besides being one of the liveliest rooftop venues in urban Legian and significantly away from the beach, 101 also offers a laid-back yet intimate dining in its collection of sunset cabanas spread out on the deck where you can enjoy the Legian skies and a bit of an urban setting skyline.

Some other rooftop bars: Double-Six Rooftop, UNIQUE Rooftop Bar, SOS Supper Club, Luna Bar, Restaurant & Sky Lounge, La Plancha, Smoqee, Sky Bar @ Le Meridian, Dine & Music Lounge.

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